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About us   
The company was founded in 2005, as many friends and family members were always calling to receive "Tech Support" from the founder of the company - Bill Clark. Many hours have been given to those friends and family members, free of charge, with Bill getting the idea - Why not offer his services to others at a reasonable cost. Other companies charge an outrageous amount of money just to upgrade computers, such as:  
bulletMemory - for a faster computer
bulletNetwork Interface Card - connect via Broadband
bulletHard drive - add more storage space
bulletGraphics Card - allows for smother and better video

It can cost up to $120 for you to take your computer into a computer shop for any of the above services. So, Bill further thought - Why not offer in-home service for the customer's home or business and upgrade their equipment or trouble shoot the problem on the spot. The other Computer Geeks will charge an arm and a leg if you want on-site services.

Bill wanted to offer very reasonable prices for any service. 

We are a small business - with a mission to provide affordable services for the home user and other small businesses.


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